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Item ID: 1674
Laser Led 5mm -Blue لبني أزرق ـ
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 1676
Laser Led 5mm -White أبيض
EGP 0.5

Item ID: 1677
Laser Led 5mm -Yellow أصفر
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 1678
Laser Led 5mm -Green أخضر
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 3318
3-in-1 Multifunction IR Laser Pointer LED Mini Flashlight UV Back Light Key Chain Money Check Pen
EGP 15 EGP (Call)

Item ID: 4991
Laser Led 4.8mm - Red
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 4992
Laser Led 4.8mm - White
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 4993
Laser Led 4.8mm - Blue
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 5128
Laser Led وحدة ليد ثلاثية في فرع أحمر
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 5754
Led 5mm Ultraviolet
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6141
Laser Led 3mm -White أبيض
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6165
Laser Led 5mm Pink
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6502
Laser LED 10mm White
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6503
Laser LED 10mm Blue
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6504
Laser LED 10mm Green
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6575
5050-3LED Red
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6576
5050-3LED Blue
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6579
5050-3LED RGB
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6674
Laser head gyro plastic tube 4.5V
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6821
LED Chips SMD 30W High Power Lamp Bulb
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7218
RGB Control Box with remote
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7282
Super Bright SMD 5054 White LED Module LED Advertising
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7330
Laser head 3V 5mW copper tube 6mm adjustable focus Red Dot 650nm
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7385
LED Strip Waterproof RGB 5M
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7386
LED Strip Waterproof White 5M
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7471
laser led SMD 1W

Item ID: 7498
Laser Led 4.8mm - Green
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7580
شاشة إعلانات 100*20سم
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7717
Laser LED Blue 4-Pin Square with Domed Top LED Lamps
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7718
Laser LED Green 4-Pin Square with Domed Top LED Lamps
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7719
Laser LED Orange 4-Pin Square with Domed Top LED Lamps
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7720
Laser LED White 4-Pin Square with Domed Top LED Lamps
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7744
SMD LED 5050 (5.0 x 5.0 mm)
EGP 1.25

Item ID: 7745
SMD LED 3528 (3.5 x 2.8 mm)

Item ID: 7747
SMD LED 3014 (3.0 x 1.4 mm)
EGP 1 EGP 0.75

Item ID: 7757
5054-3LED Red
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7796
5054-3LED Worm
EGP (Call)

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