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Item ID: 3059
Adapter 300mA
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 3060
Adapter 500mA
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 3064
Adapter LLA2000N 2000mA 9-12-13.5-15-18-24V
EGP 135

Item ID: 3066
Adapter 220V>110V 50W
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 3067
Adapter LLA3000P 12,13.5,16,18,24,30V
EGP 165

Item ID: 3338
Golden hight spark بوردة صاعق
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 3841
Power Supply DELL 1Fan
EGP 110 EGP 99

Item ID: 4478
Adapter 5V 1A
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 4573
Adapter LLA2000P 9,12,13.5,15,18,24V 2000mA
EGP 120

Item ID: 4659
Power Board DVB-2 ALFA
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 4666
Adapter 12V 2A
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 4669
Adapter 9V 1A
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 4791
Adapter 12V 3A
EGP 50

Item ID: 4793
Adapter 6V 2A
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 5308
Inverter TBE 1500W
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 5546
Adapter 5V 1A HOPSON E-50
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 5617
DC-DC Converter Step Down Power Supply Output 1.23V-30V 3A Max
EGP 45

Item ID: 5764
MP2307 3A DC-DC step-down power module KIS-3R33S
EGP 38

Item ID: 5847
MB102 Solderless Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V and 5V
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 5874
Adapter 1A HOPSON M100K
EGP 59

Item ID: 5988
Adapter 9V 2A LX-920
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 5996
Universal Power Circuit KLY-MK21C/100W
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 5997
Universal Power Circuit DVB-001 8.5*5mm
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6032
Universal Power Circuit @ISHANG
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6057
DC-DC Booster Step Up module Power supply Input 3.5V-30V Output 4.0V-30V 3A LM2577S
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6633
DC DC Converter Module 12V To 5V 3A 15W Duble USB Output Power Adapter
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6822
Power Supply SMPS 12V 20A
EGP 195 EGP 135

Item ID: 6848
Mobile Charger White
EGP 15

Item ID: 6992
Power Supply SMPS 5V 60A
EGP 275 EGP 245

Item ID: 7014
Adapter 20V 2A
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7054
Power Supply SMPS 24V 5A
EGP 160 EGP 135

Item ID: 7170
Adapter 12,15,16,18,19,20,24V ZERO
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7318
Adapter 6V 1A
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7329
Adapter Laptop 18.5V 3.5A for HP
EGP 120

Item ID: 7350
Power Supply SMPS 12V 30A
EGP 280 EGP 175

Item ID: 7410
Power Supply SMPS 24V 20A
EGP 450

Item ID: 7414
Power Supply SMPS 24V 15A
EGP 275

Item ID: 7433
Power Supply SMPS 5V 40A
EGP 200 EGP 170

Item ID: 7487
Adapter 18V 1A
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 7520
Universal Power Circuit DVB-009
EGP (Call)

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