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Item ID: 3099
EGP 16

Item ID: 5477
PIR Motion Detector Module HC-SR501 (Adjust)
EGP 45

Item ID: 5562
Driver ULN2003 Module
EGP 20

Item ID: 5573
Soil Hygrometer Detection Module + Soil Moisture Sensor
EGP 65 EGP 60

Item ID: 5617
DC-DC Converter Step Down Power Supply Output 1.23V-30V 3A Max
EGP 45

Item ID: 5620
ENC28J60 Network Module
EGP 95 EGP 90

Item ID: 5622
RF transmitter and receiver 433Mhz link kit for Arduino/ARM/MCU WL
EGP 45

Item ID: 5755
L298N motor driver board module
EGP 65 EGP 60

Item ID: 5759
Line Tracking Sensor module for Arduino Robot C17
EGP 45

Item ID: 5844
Joystick Module Dual-axis XY KY-023 For Arduino
EGP 45

Item ID: 5845
MAX7219 Dot Matrix Module for Arduino
EGP 45

Item ID: 5985
دائرة كشاف بالشاحن 220فولت 2لمبة
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6000
NRF24L01 Wireless Module
EGP 50

Item ID: 6044
SD Card Module Slot Socket Reading and writing For Ard uino ARM MCU
EGP 45

Item ID: 6046
Line Tracking Sensor module for Arduino TCRT5000
EGP 45 EGP 35

Item ID: 6052
Compass Module HMC5883L Triple Axis Compass Three-axis Magnetic Field Sensor
EGP 125

Item ID: 6057
DC-DC Booster Step Up module Power supply Input 3.5V-30V Output 4.0V-30V 3A LM2577S
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6201
PAM8403 Super mini digital amplifier board 2 * 3W Class D 2.5 to 5V
EGP 25 EGP 20

Item ID: 6545
Audio Amp. Circuit TDA2004
EGP 27

Item ID: 6561
Relay Module 2-Channels 5V
EGP 40

Item ID: 6570
RTC DS1307 AT24C32 Real Time Clock Module (with battery)
EGP 45

Item ID: 6573
USB 2.0 to TTL RS485 Serial Converter Adapter FTDI FT232RL SN75176 double function double protection
EGP 150

Item ID: 6629
MCP2515 CAN Bus Module Board TJA1050 Receiver SPI
EGP 145

Item ID: 6630
L9110S H-bridge Dual DC Stepper Motor Driver Controller Module
EGP 30

Item ID: 6635
MAX3232 RS232 Serial Port To TTL Converter Module
EGP 35

Item ID: 6636
Stepper Driver A4988 stepper motor driver module with aluminum heat sink for ramps 1.4 3D printer
EGP 55

Item ID: 6683
KA2284 Power Level Indicator - Battery Indicator Pro Audio Level Indicating Module
EGP 50 EGP 45

Item ID: 6684
PCF8574T Module Communication Module I / O Expansion Modules I2C IIC
EGP 75 EGP 65

Item ID: 6692
IIC/I2C interface Level Conversion Module 5-3v System For Arduino Sensor
EGP 35 EGP 30

Item ID: 6693
Mini RS232 To TTL MAX3232 Converter Adaptor Module Serial Port Board
EGP 20 EGP 15

Item ID: 6797
Relay Module 8-Channels 5V
EGP (Call)

Item ID: 6798
Relay Module 4-Channels 5V
EGP 65

Item ID: 6823
WIFI Module ESP8266 -01
EGP 80

Item ID: 6914
Micro SD card mini TF card reader module SPI interfaces with level converter chip for arduino
EGP 45

Item ID: 6931
PIR Sensor 220V
EGP 150 EGP 135

Item ID: 6942
IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module for Arduino Car Robot 3-wire Reflective Photoelectric
EGP 35

Item ID: 6944
X9C104S digital potentiometer module 100 digital potentiometer to adjust the bridge balance
EGP 95

Item ID: 6945
Detection Module Sound Sensor Intelligent Vehicle raspberry pi zero ultra boost kit Silicon
EGP 45

Item ID: 6947
KY-008 650nm Laser sensor Module 6mm 5V 5mW Red Laser Dot Diode Copper Head for Arduino
EGP 25

Item ID: 6949
Photosensitive brightness resistance sensor module Light intensity detect LDR
EGP 35 EGP 30

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